Lease of land for PV and wind power plants

Passive income. If you own land and you don’t know how to use its potential – we will be happy to cooperate with you. We lease land for the construction of photovoltaic and wind farms, we build power plants on them, and you profit from the lease. All formalities and stages of the project implementation remain with H2 Energy.

Land must meet certain criteria:

  • Flat or south-facing
  • With a minimum area of 1.5 hectares
  • Free from buildings and trees
  • IV (or lower) valuation class
  • Adequate distance from the MV power line
  • Possibility of access by road to the investment area

How is the lease going? After reporting your willingness to cooperate and providing the real estate data (precinct, plot number), we proceed to verify whether the land meets the set requirements. If so, we prepare an individual offer. If the offer is accepted, we present the client with a draft agreement for the lease of the land. We discuss all provisions in the contract together. And when we determine its final shape, we sign the documents.

We invest, you earn. Cooperation with H2 Energy does not involve any costs for you. We bear all the expenses related to the investment, as well as the costs and tax fees related to the property. The contractually agreed amount of the lease is adjusted each year by the current average annual inflation rate.

You have your finger on the pulse and you are up to date. We inform you about the next stages of the investment, and the target project is subject to joint consultations. Nothing happens on your ground without your knowledge.

The lease of land for a PV power plant or wind farm is a high and constant income for many years. Until construction begins, you can still use the plot, cultivate the soil and collect additional payments.

Construction of a PV power plant. This is a process that takes a minimum of 1.5 years. The estimated time also includes obtaining all relevant permits. Until construction begins, you can continue to use your land (farm the land, levy fees). We will inform you in advance about the need to vacate the land.

Why is it worth it? Many investors dream of passive income. It does not require any expenditure of time or work, and the constant inflow of funds allows for a convenient way to raise the standard of living. The lease of land for a PV power plant or wind farm is a high income for many years.

Even more benefits. A photovoltaic farm & wind farm also has numerous ecological and utility benefits. Green energy is the future – it is emission-free, has no harmful effects on people, animals or the ecosystem. In addition, thanks to an efficient solar farm, we ensure energy security for the entire local community.

We will evaluate your land for free

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